Apponequet Lakers named South Coast Conference Champions

Nov 24, 2022

MATTAPOISETT — The Apponequet Lakers Varsity Football team blew Old Rochester Regional High School out of the water 22-3, during the South Coast Conference Championship on Thanksgiving day. 

The Lakers took the title of South Coast Conference champion after a hard fought game and a series of previous conference championship losses. 

“Look at this real quick,” said an Apponequet player, pointing out the plaques on the conference trophy. “2015, lost; 2016, lost; 2017, lost; 2018, lost; 2022, champs baby!”

So far this season, Apponequet has gone 3-0 in the South Coast League. 

A series of touchdowns, including a 29 yard run by Apponequet player Jackson Gagnier, sealed the win for the Lakers. 

“That turkey is going to taste so damn good after this win,” said Assistant Coach Andrew Amaral during a post game huddle.

“I can’t say enough how proud I am of you guys,” he continued. “I’m proud of you, and you guys did it with class.”

Apponequet’s defense was a “brick wall,” said the players during the huddle, who barely allowed ORR to score. 

From the stands, Lakers fans were loud, proud and rooting for their team. The Apponequet Cheerleading Squad pepped up their team while friends and family gave support from the bleachers. 

Shouts of encouragement emboldened the Lakers while good-natured jeers threw the Old Rochester Bulldogs off-course. 

“Gentlemen, you earned this title for the rest of your life, do you understand me?” asked Amaral during the huddle. “Yes coach!” responded the team.