'We're all on different teams, but we're all brothers' : Teams unite for Little League Opening Day

Apr 14, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — Middleboro Little League kicked off the season with a parade to the Field of Dreams baseball diamond this Saturday, April 13. 

Teams from all Little League divisions lined up in the Henry B. Burkland School parking lot, where they began their march towards the Baseball and Softball fields off East Grove Street. 

The parade started in the Henry B. Burkland School parking lot, went down Mayflower Ave and ended in the Field of Dreams baseball diamond. 

After the parade, the singing of the National Anthem and some announcements, the games began. 

As players lined up in the elementary school parking lot, they were unanimous in their desire to win and shared their favorite parts about the game. 

Anthony Quinn, 10, who plays for the Barnicoat Major Division team, felt confident his team would start the season off on the right foot. “I think we have an amazing team, we have good pitchers, catchers, defense is pretty good, offense is good, I think we’re gonna win.”

Quinn’s teammate, PJ Needle,12, agreed. “I am confident,” he said about his team’s ability to win on day one of the season.  

Dominic Costa, 9, said enthusiastically that the parade was going to be “exciting” and that his favorite part of baseball is “pitching and catching.” Costa plays for the Triple A team Mastria. 

Coaches were also excited that opening day had arrived. Major League Director Chris Benson, who’s coached in Middleboro for nine years, said he looks forward to the occasion every year. 

“It’s great seeing pretty much all of Middleboro come together. We’re all on different teams but we’re all brothers…. It’s just an amazing day. The energy is great.”

As players sprinted across the baseball field at the end of the march, that energy came through.