They watched and cheered their hometown heroes

Aug 17, 2022

MIDDLEBORO — They were eating popcorn, waving pennants and cheering on the home team.

In this case, the home team literally hailed from their hometowns _ and in some cases, lived on the same street.

As the Middleboro Little League team played in Williamsport, Pa., hometown fans gathered at the Middleboro Library for a watch party, keeping up with the action on big-screen TVs.

Although the team ultimately lost, enthusiasm for the team never wavered. 

“It’s a fun way to get together,’’ youth services librarian Amanda Meyer said. Having the home team among the nation’s elite Little Leaguers is “exciting,’’ she said. 

Many of the day’s TV stars, dressed in uniforms, swinging bats and playing in the Little League World Series, had faces Meyer recognized. 

“I remember some of them as kids,’’ she said, especially during their visits to the children’s section where she works.

“It’s amazing,’’ said Jennifer Leandres, who attended the party with son Lincoln, 7, and daughter Hazel, 11.

“To think our town made it this far is incredible’’ she said.

The Leandres had a special connection to the team: Player Luke Bolduc is their neighbor.

Kim Geisler of Middleboro attended the party to support the team. “We love baseball,’’ she said.

Charlie Clement of Middleboro decided to watch the game after he returned some books at the library.

“I’m very proud of them,’’ he said. “It’s very difficult’’ to reach the World Series.

“They’re the best in New England,’’ he said. “You can’t get any better than that as far as I’m concerned.’’

They are already winners to him, he said. 

“I feel good for the kids,’’ he said, “Just to get this far is a feat.’’