Select Board suggests muzzle, training for Lakeville dog

Jul 8, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Lakeville resident Joe Duncan-Pittsley is being asked to manage his dog’s behavior after the dog broke loose and killed three of his neighbor’s rabbits. 

Michele MacEachern, of 99 County Road, filed a complaint to the town after she woke up on Memorial Day morning to find the dog had broken into the coup where her rabbits were housed and killed three of them, she said.

The complaint was discussed at the Lakeville Select Board’s July 8 meeting. 

MacEachern said she wanted there to be protections “put in place in case it happens again” and noted that she spotted the dog on the loose just days after the rabbits were killed.

Duncan-Pittsley stated the incident occurred after Cody, his Siberian husky, broke loose off his lead. He said that since the event occurred, the dog has not been loose. 

The dog is licensed in Lakeville and this is the first complaint the town has received about the dog roaming off the owner’s property. 

“It’s an unfortunate incident, but he is not a vicious dog,” said Duncan-Pittsley, who said Cody is a rescue that has been returned to various shelters because he is a “high energy dog.” 

Lakeville Select Board member Brynna Donahue suggested investing in a muzzle and training for the dog because huskies are “escape artists” with “a high-prey drive,” she said. 

Lakeville Animal Control Officer David Frates said the kennel Duncan-Pittsley had in place was “good,” but that he would be making regular checks on the property because “nothing is foolproof.” 

Select Board members urged Duncan-Pittsley to be a responsible dog owner and to make sure Cody does not escape again. 

Vice Chair Lia Fabian warned, “if there is a second offense, we don’t have a choice.”