Opinion: Tolerance has led to being duped

May 8, 2023

To the editor: I’d like to express my admiration and support for Liam Morrison, the middle school student who stood up for his First Amendment rights when he left school rather than remove his shirt that said, “There are only two genders.”  

He later addressed the Middleboro School Committee with a respectful and reasoned argument for his position. In my opinion, this student is the modern-day equivalent of the child who shouted out that the emperor was wearing no clothes. He sees clearly what the adults in our society don’t (or are afraid to confront): that we have allowed a minority of mentally confused people to rewrite natural law.  

I have compassion for these people and hope they seek counseling. I also am firmly against bullying of any kind. But what Liam did was not bullying, and there should be no “protected class” of people who claim to be hurt by facts.  

As Liam noted, there are pride flags and diversity posters at his school and he doesn’t object to those. There is already starting to be a major backlash against the pushing of transgender theory and practice, and I hope that in the coming years the citizens of this country will see that their great tolerance for others has led them to be duped.

Susan Wladis