Middleboro School Committee candidate: Rebecca Hopkins

Mar 29, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — Timing played a key role in Rebecca Hopkins’ decision to run for School Committee.

Her toddler son, 2, will be entering the schools in three years. That is also the length of a full committee term.

She chose to get involved and help make the schools, which she praised, “as good as possible.’’

In talking with parents, she said she has heard concerns about the need for more “transparency’’ from the committee.

She said she would have an email address and would encourage people to seek her out. “I want to be responsive,’’ she said. “I want to put that foot forward. I want people to feel they can reach out. Sometimes we just need someone to listen.’’

Some residents have questioned the three-minute time limit for public comment at School Committee meetings, saying this does not provide adequate time to share an opinion or concern.

She suggested possibly determining how many people wish to speak and then allocating time accordingly. If people take the time to attend a meeting, she said, “the School Committee should be listening.’’ 

She noted that sometimes “parents are going to bring things to your attention that you wouldn’t know. You take wisdom where you can. We come into this world with our own perspectives, so I think it’s very important to listen to others.’’

In talking with community members, Hopkins said she has heard some concerns about certain spending items in the budget proposed by Superintendent of Schools Carolyn Lyons and approved by the School Committee.

“As an elected official, it will be my job to investigate such claims in more depth to determine their validity,’’ she said. “We in the School Committee are voices for the community.’’ 

On the issue of the school budget, she said she does “not want to be a burden’’ on taxpayers but stressed the importance of educating the town’s young people.

She suggested possibly holding fundraisers and otherwise reaching out to individuals who are willing and able to lend a hand. She said there are “a lot of people who desperately care about these kids and could step up.’’ 

She acknowledged she is a newcomer but said she is eager to make a difference. 

 I’m willing to take the time to do my own research on issues. I don’t take this role lightly, I take it extremely seriously.’’

Committee members serve as a “voice for parents’’ which she said “is no small task.’’