Memorabilia store Vintage Vault offers even more nostalgia at new location

May 15, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — Tenille Langdon and her husband Chris Langdon opened Vintage Vault on Thatchers Row in Middleboro on Oct. 1 2023 and they quickly outgrew the space.

The response from the community toward their antiques and collectibles was so positive that six months later, they moved to a larger location at 52 Center St. 

“People are so excited that we moved into a bigger space — more excited than I am, I think,” said Tenille Langdon. “They’re like: ‘this is incredible. You have so much more space, we love it here.’”

The move has provided the retail store with an additional 1,000 square feet of space, which the Langdons realized was a necessity soon after opening, said Tenille. 

Store merchandise includes items like old baseball cards, coloring books and records as well as modern collectibles like Funko Pops and Loungefly pop culture-themed mini backpacks.  

While the original location on Thatcher’s row was “quaint,” it had no storage space, said Langdon. 

The limited space made it challenging to find ways to give back to the community. “It’s hard to do anything extra without the extra space,” Langdon said.

Getting involved with the community has been a priority for the Langdons since day one. Langdon said it is her favorite part of running the business, and Vintage Vault has participated in numerous fundraisers since it opened. 

The shop recently held a comic book fundraiser with proceeds going toward the construction of the new playground at the Henry B. Burkland Elementary School. Each kid who walked in the store received a free comic book and could then purchase another one for a dollar, explained Langdon. 

The fundraiser was successful for many reasons. “It was a great way to introduce kids to a different way to read,” Langdon said. Plus when they found out that there was a fundraiser, “parents would buy more.” 

The fundraiser collected $230, which will be presented to the PTA-run Playground Committee in June. 

Vintage Vault has also participated in several raffle donations and fundraisers for families with cancer, in addition to donating money to the Middleboro Little League and other PTA projects. 

All that the store has given to the community has been reciprocated, said Langdon. 

Because of the community’s support, they’ve been able to expand their inventory and add features such as a comic book and Disney section. They have also started taking on consignments. 

The Center Street location has brought in more customers off the street, like Maddison Butt. A Plymouth resident, Butt had come to Middleboro to go antique shopping but made an extra stop at Vintage Vault when the storefront display caught her eye.  

While the display piqued her interest, what really got her excited was the Loungefly mini-backpack section, which owners added to the inventory after moving to the larger space. She said she was convinced she needed to add one to her collection.