Lakeville celebrates National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Feb 20, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Local Girl Scouts are getting a head start on learning business skills by selling Girl Scout Cookies, said Michelle Hecht, a Troop Leader for Girl Scouts of Eastern MA.

“Not only are cookies a great fundraiser: they also help the girls learn math, money handling, sales, customer service, marketing and more,” Hecht explained.

From Feb. 16-18, Girl Scouts across the country celebrated “National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend,” which is an event that promotes the sale of Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scouts from Lakeville and Freetown were no exception: Hecht said that the two towns were home to “nearly 100” scouts.

Last year, “more than 16” Girl Scouts from Lakeville and Freetown were honored with the “500 club,” which is a recognition that scouts receive if they sell more than 500 cookies

This year, the price of a box of Girl Scout cookies has increased to $6 from $5, and the Girl Scouts retain $1.10 from each sale to fund activities such as meetings, Hecht explained.