Lakers close out first season as an all-girl team

Nov 6, 2023

LAKEVILLE – The Freetown-Lakeville girls middle school soccer team ended their first season with a tie against Berkley on Thursday, Nov. 2. 

This was the first season that the Lakers were able to step away from the co-ed team and form separate teams for boys and girls according to coach Katie Holmes. 

“It’s been going really well,” said Holmes. “We have a lot of talented girls and it's been really nice to have them show their talents against girls and not have to play against boys too.” 

The Lakers were unafraid to show off their talent this season as they remained undefeated until losing against Rehoboth on Tuesday, Oct. 24. 

“We had a lot of injuries and a lot of girls were sick so at one point we only had one sub,” said Holmes. “It’s been a tough week but we are ready to go again.”

Tess McGee scored the first goal of the game against Berkley, putting the Lakers on the scoreboard in the first half of the game. 

Chloe Watkins scored the second goal of the game off a cross by McGee.

“They all not only play together on a town team but they all play club too so for a lot of girls this is their third team that they play on,” said Holmes. “They grew up together so they know each other's strengths and weaknesses.”

The team shared high fives and cheered for each other after scoring the goals. 

“It's really important for the school and the community to show that we have talented girls programs too and not just the boys programs,” said Holmes.