Hungry predators no match for fish rescued by Lakeville fire

Jun 2, 2024

LAKEVILLE — The Lakeville Fire Department is no stranger to rescues.

But one that took place recently turned into a real fish story.

This one took place right on their fire station front lawn and involved the survivor of a battle between an osprey and a bald eagle.

The two majestic birds were flying above the station, fighting over a fish that one of the birds apparently snatched from Assawompset Pond.

In the heat of battle, the fish fell to the ground, where it flopped around on the station lawn.

The birds, either unaware or unconcerned about where the fish had landed, continued their fight in the sky.

Meanwhile, the story had a happy ending for the fish. 

No special equipment was required for the fire department to perform this rescue. 

Firefighters merely tossed the fish into the Assawompset, where it swam away.

Thanks to Lakeville Fire, one lucky fish that two hungry birds had hoped would serve as lunch would live to swim another day.