FreeLake 8U All-Star team visits the State House

Nov 7, 2023

LAKEVILLE – The FreeLake 8U All-Star team celebrated their impressive season by visiting the State House on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The All-Star team won every game of the district tournament, leading them to the regional tournament where a win against Connecticut brought them to the Cal Ripken World Series this past summer according to team manager Ed Rasar.

The team was invited by members of the Freetown Select Board and State Senator Michael Rodrigues for a tour of the State House to celebrate the successful season. 

“Not only did the players go but their families and siblings and loved ones were able to attend,” said Rasar.

The All-Stars spoke with Sen.Rodrigues and took a tour of his chamber where he holds meetings according to Rasar. 

“[The team] asked a lot of questions and they were interested in the history of the State House and the politics and names that they've heard of before and what their role was within Massachusetts,” said Rasar. “They welcomed us with open arms and were really good hosts.”

Not only did the team learn something new from the trip, they also grew closer to their teammates.

“It's important for the team to participate in these outings because it creates a bond going forward,” said Rasar. “As they grow older, they can tell their families and their own kids about their experiences.”

Rasar said that he hopes the team will continue to set attainable goals and work hard next season.

“I think the key to our success was that our players knew their roles,” said Rasar. “They didn't try to do too much, they just knew their limits and did what they were coached to do.”