Bristol-Plymouth students provide support to Middleboro community in need

May 28, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — Students in the senior electrical class at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School recently completed an in-community project to support a population in need in Middleboro.

The students collaborated with the Town of Middleboro to bring electric service to a 40-foot storage container that is being used to store food, perishables and infant products for migrants living in an emergency shelter in the town, according to Superintendent-Director Dr. Alexandre Magalhaes, Jacqueline Machamer, the school district’s Vocational Technical Coordinator, and Middleboro Town Manager James McGrail.

 “We are proud to once again partner with the Town of Middleboro on a project that provides our students with real-world experience as well as benefits the community,” Magalhaes said. “Projects like this help ensure our graduates are leaving with the skills needed to start successful and fulfilling vocational careers.”  

Working under the supervision of Electrical Instructor Keith Powers and Middleboro Facilities Manager Matthew Foye, the Bristol-Plymouth students dug a trench from a service pole to the container, and installed and wired up lights, a new breaker panel and a ceiling-mounted thermostatically controlled space heater. 

The lighting and space heater helped prevent the food and perishables from freezing during the winter and provided a comfortable working environment for the emergency response team working with the families.

 "The students from Bristol-Plymouth worked hard in less-than-ideal conditions to complete this project in a timely and professional manner," said McGrail. "The Town of Middleboro continues to benefit from the quality education and vocational training Bristol-Plymouth is providing its students."

Machamer said this was the second year the senior electrical class worked with the Town of Middleboro. The school works with communities to evaluate project requests to ensure they involve practical skill development for students and align with the Massachusetts Vocational Curriculum Frameworks for the associated program. 

“These are authentic learning opportunities for our students that test their skills,” Machamer said. “We appreciate the willingness of our member communities to provide these in-community live-work projects.”

 Students involved with the Middleboro project said it was a great experience.

 “This year, working at the Middleboro Town Hall was a one-of-a-kind experience, especially when we were able to install a service, space heater, and lights into a shipping container,” said senior Thomas Thayer. “Not many people are able to say they’ve had the chance to do this.”