Apponequet students volley for the freshmen

Mar 16, 2023

LAKEVILLE — “We love volleyball so much here at Apponequet,” said Apponequet Regional High School Principal Kahlan Dessert. “It’s almost like a joke.”

In that case, it makes sense why the freshman class decided to hold a volleyball tournament fundraiser after school on March 16.

Dessert said the proceeds will help the Apponequet class of 2026 pay for events such as their prom when the time comes.

For $5, students could participate in the tournament and eat the perfect pre-game meal: a donut.

Both students and teachers participated, and Dessert said a substantial portion of the money comes from students who just wanted to watch their teachers and classmates try to get the ball over the net.

Some of the teams went all-out with their uniforms: one team wore plain brown shirts, one team wore red from head to toe, the boys’ basketball team wore groutfits (all-grey outfits), and some members of  Dessert’s team—including Dessert herself—wore red-and-black tutus and tophats.