Opinion: Neighbors in need shouldn’t be dismissed

Feb 7, 2023

To the editor:

As a satisfied customer of Middleboro Gas & Electric, I took this past month’s satisfaction survey to let them know. Having spent years in another town served by a company that regularly left us in the dark in more ways than one, I was glad when I moved to Middleboro to see the difference in service and community involvement. My church often collaborated with Middleboro Gas & Electric to offer financial assistance to residents behind in their utility bills.

 So, I was taken aback by a number of questions on the survey that seemed designed to prejudice me against supporting folks who were less well off, or who wanted to make their homes more energy-efficient. If I answered “yes” to some of the questions, the implications were that I’d be forcing the utility rates up for everyone in town. 

 Here’s one example:

“MGED is considering offering a tiered rate structure whereby lower income customers would pay a lower rate for their electricity than the average MGED customer. How willing would you be to pay a higher rate for your electricity, in order for this rate structure to be possible?”

 I’m a senior and already get a discount. This doesn’t have a significant impact on the town’s rates. Would a low-income rate for those who really need it have that much more of an impact?

 A low-income rate, and help with energy efficiency, are initiatives that would benefit everyone. If you feel the same way, I encourage you to take the survey (if it is still open) and let MGED know you support your neighbors needing an assist.

 Rev. Sarah Person