Lakeville Select Board candidate: Lorraine Carboni

Mar 23, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Lorraine Carboni is running for re-election this year for a spot on Lakeville’s select board, which will grow from three to five seats at the 2024 town election. 

The top vote-getter will earn a three-year term; the candidates with the second and third highest totals will serve for two and one year, respectively. 

As the incumbent, Carboni has been involved in several town projects over her three-year term, including the expansion of the select board, and her hope is to “continue to serve the town in this capacity.” In addition to serving on the Select Board, Carboni, who has been a Lakeville resident since 1994 and has raised her two daughters in the town, also served on the School Committee.

On the Select Board and School Committee, her work included analyzing and balancing budgets. Due to current budget restraints, exacerbated by increases in fixed costs and contractual obligations, Carboni stressed that getting ahead on budget preparation is more important than ever. 

One issue that takes up a significant part of the budget discussion is the Freetown-Lakeville school district, which accounts for more than half of Lakeville’s budget. She made a point to say that, after having served on the School Committee for 12 years, she knows what it’s like to be “on the other side of the table.” That said, she stated that when budget increases don’t match fixed cost spikes, you “have to find creative ways to reduce that cost.” 

As for business growth, Carboni is an advocate for making Lakeville a destination for small business, such as restaurants or shops. In order to do so, she said the town has to invest in infrastructure to attract those businesses. If restaurant owners knew that Lakeville had the property available, the water and sewerage systems in place, and was looking for more eateries, they might think about coming to town, said Carboni. 

Regarding the need for a new fire station, another pressing issue, Carboni agreed that there is a “significant need” for a new facility. She serves on Lakeville’s Fire Station Building Committee, the group overseeing the project for the potential construction of a new building. While finding a suitable location has taken time, “the biggest challenge is the funding,” noted Carboni.

If she gets re-elected, Carboni said she would also make it a point to fight for “truly affordable senior housing, so we can help our seniors stay in town. They want to stay here. They raised their families here. They want their children to be able to move here.”