Lakeville salutes fallen service members on Memorial Day

May 27, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Lakeville residents who gave their lives to their country were remembered at the town’s Memorial Day observance on Monday, May 27 as wreaths with red, white and blue flowers were placed on their memorials. 

The Lakeville Historical Commission organized the observance, which began in front of the Lakeville Fire Station building, where a wreath was placed at the Veteran’s memorial.

The procession continued up the sidewalk to World War I Dickran Diran square, where a second wreath was placed on the World War I Memorial. Dickran Diran was Lakeville’s only World War I casualty. 

Additional wreaths were laid on the Lakeville Honor Roll memorial, the Memorial Flag Pole – both of which honor those who died in World War II – and the William Hitchcock Memorial at the entrance to Assawompset School. 

The first wreath was placed by the hand of Sterling MacLeod, a retired Brigadier General of the Massachusetts National Guard. MacLeod served in the military for 36 years. 

“Today is a day to reflect on those soldiers who lost their lives in the service to our nation,” he said. 

As he laid the patriotically-colored wreath atop the stone memorial, he was thinking about those he served with. “That’s why I’m participating,” he said. 

The observance also featured speeches made by Select Board Chair Lorraine Carboni and State Representative Norman Orrall. 

The reason some came out was to show support for their fellow community members who have served in the military. Lakeville resident Cindy Barber attended the observance because doing so, she said, “recognizes that there [are] a lot of folks here who have served their country, who come from Lakeville and run the memorial service or take part in it in different ways.”

That sense of community support was noted by Zach Kanner, who was visiting family in Lakeville from Los Angeles. “Whenever I come to Lakeville I only get to see my family here and a couple of places. This was an interesting chance to really experience some town pride, which I think is important especially since we are so isolated nowadays.”

As he placed the first wreath, Sterling MacLeod took a moment to remember Colonel Mark Glenn, who served under his command and recently passed away, he said. 

Subsequent wreaths were laid by Veterans Agent Will Corey, Retired Master Sergeant of the U.S. Air Force Martha Gladen, Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force Chris Plonka and Air Force Veteran Rodney Dixon.