Lakeville remembers fallen veterans on Memorial Day

May 29, 2023

LAKEVILLE — If someone wishes you a happy Memorial Day, correct them.

That was part of Lakeville Veterans’ Agent Wil Corey’s message at the town’s Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, May 29. Corey said the day should be spent remembering those who sacrificed themselves for their country instead of being mainly recognized as the joyous unofficial start of summer.

Local veterans, town officials, residents, and the fire department color guard gathered at monuments to fallen soldiers throughout town to commemorate the holiday.

Historical Commission Chair Brian Reynolds hosted the event and Select Board Vice Chair Lorraine Carboni gave remarks where she thanked veterans and the Historical Commission for organizing the opportunity to honor those who served.

Wreaths honoring the fallen were placed at Town Hall, Dickran Diran Square, the Lakeville Honor Roll, and the World War II Staple Shores Memorial Flag Pole near the old Town Hall building.

The wreaths were placed by Deputy Fire Chief Pam Garant, retired Air Force Master Sergeant Martha Gladu, Marine Corps veteran Gary Mansfield, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Lakeville Finance Committee member Christopher Plonka, and retired Navy Petty Officer Paul Russeau.

A sixth wreath was placed separately at the William Hitchcock Memorial at the Assawompset Elementary School entrance. Hitchcock taught at Assawompset before serving in the Vietnam War, where he died.

Corey spoke at Dickran Diran Square, named for a Lakeville resident who died serving in World War I. Corey told the audience to consider what fallen soldiers could have accomplished if they made it home from war.

“Their sacrifices serve as a reminder of the price of our freedom,” Corey said.