Lakeville firefighters receive training to further their careers

Nov 6, 2023

BRIDGEWATER– Two part time Lakeville firefighters, Jaclyn Pierce and Matthew Stoddard, graduated from the Call/Volunteer Recruit Firefighter Training Program on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Lakeville Fire Chief Michael O’Brien said Lakeville’s fire department employs a mix of full time and part time firefighters, and that part time firefighters play an important role in the department.

“It takes about fourteen to fifteen firefighters to put out a single room fire in an average residential property,” O’Brien said. “Having these part time firefighters available to us is huge.”

The training program is one step in Pierce and Stoddard’s professional goals, O’Brien explained. The training program takes place during nights and weekends so firefighters can attend the program while working a full time job. 

“Matthew and Jaclyn, their long term goal is to become full time firefighters,” O’Brien said.

“They’re dedicated. They put a lot of hours into improving themselves and making themselves available to the town.”