A jamming tradition at the Titicut Green Festival

Sep 24, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — For over 30 years, members of the North Congregational Church have been preparing for their annual Titicut Green Festival by making homemade jams sold to support the church. 

“It’s a tradition,” said festival organizer Theresa Smithey. According to Smithey, church members gather each year before the event to recreate jam recipes passed down from previous church members.

“When we make our jams we have a small little group and you get to meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet,” said Smithey.

Despite the rainy weather, 35 vendors came to the fair to sell their handmade goods on Saturday, Sept. 23.

 “There are customers and the vendors are happy, they are enjoying their time out here,” said Smithey. 

Although the festival’s original focus was on produce and baked goods, vendors for the 32nd annual festival provided homemade goods ranging from stickers and jewelry to home decor and hot sauce.

Vendor Loretta Stockton of Child’s Play Alpaca Farm in Carver uses alpaca fur to create hats, scarves and stuffed animals. 

“I spin yarn and do a lot of needle felting,” said Stockton referring to how she makes her goods.

Stockton brought along alpaca friends named CoverGirl and Future to greet fair-goers.

According to Stockton, alpacas are docile animals. 

“Alpacas as far as livestock are pretty easy,” said Stockton. “They mostly just hang out and graze, they are kind of like lawn ornaments.”

During the festival, North Congregational Church members collected donations of socks, personal items, sneakers and non-perishable food items.

“It's about community,” said Smithey. “People come to have fun here and a lot of these people are returnees, they come here rain or shine.”