Hurricane Lee wind and rain predicted to be ‘manageable’ for Lakeville

Sep 15, 2023

LAKEVILLE — Lakeville Fire Department Chief Michael O’Brien described Hurricane Lee wind and rain projections for Lakeville as “manageable.”

According to O’Brien, although the Lakeville Fire Department has a plan in place for emergencies, the department is not anticipating needing to implement the plan due to the storm being predicted to affect coastal communities. 

O’Brien said that Lakeville may see “downed trees and branches” during the storm expected to hit Massachusetts on Saturday morning.

According to O’Brien, the fire department will continue tracking Hurricane Lee. 

“We are taking precautions,” he said. 

O’Brien said that the fire department have prepared their saws, generators and fuel tanks.

A plan for temporary shelters has not been put in place according to O’Brien.

“Historically, Lakeville hasn’t been a shelter community,” he said.

O’Brien encourages Lakeville residents to stay indoors during the storm and to contact the Lakeville Fire Department at 508-947-4121 if in need of assistance.

“ It seems like it will be a great day to watch a movie with family,” said O’Brien.