Cobras defeated by Glens Falls Greenjackets in championship

Sep 26, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — Despite a loss of 12-6, Middleboro Cobras head coach Justin Pike is looking forward to what the semi-professional football can accomplish next season.

“This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this team,” said Pike.

The Cobras traveled to Glenn Falls, New York on Saturday, Sept. 23 to compete against the Green Jackets in the New England Football League championship. 

Before the championship, the Cobras held a record of 7-3 while the Green Jackets held a record of 8-2.

According to Pike, the Cobras are a “group of veteran semi pro guys.”

“We set out to build a team with men who love and respect football and understand the responsibility and sacrifices necessary to be on a team,” said Pike. “ It is important to us that we represent Middleborough and the surrounding area in a positive way.”

According to Pike, Cobra  players come from Middleboro, Lakeville, and surrounding communities.

“We wanted to put a good team on the field but more importantly a team we could be proud of,” said Pike. “The players we attracted and recruited were committed and willing to learn.”

Pike, who spent 15 years playing for the Cobras, is a former Middleboro High School football coach.