Adult stuck in elevator at Memorial Early Childhood Center

Dec 29, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — According to a statement from a spokesperson for the Middleboro Fire Department, a person was stuck in an elevator at the Memorial Early Childhood Center, a school in Middleboro, on Dec. 26.

Crews responded to 219 North Main Street on December 26th at approximately [8:20 a.m.] for the report of a person stuck in an elevator,” the spokesperson said. “Upon arrival, crews located the elevator car at the basement level with a single adult occupant. The elevator would not operate and the doors would not open through normal elevator operations.”

The Middleboro Fire Department was able to “force the door open” and extract the person in the elevator, who said they did not need medical assistance, the spokesperson said. The situation was resolved at around 8:32 a.m., the spokesperson added.

It was unclear why the elevator wasn’t working but maintenance staff at the building “were in contact with the elevator service company,” the spokesperson explained.