‘An Hour in the Corona’ brings sunshine to Middleboro

Feb 4, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — A Sunday afternoon in Middleboro brought viewers to Svalbard, Norway for the debut of “An Hour in the Corona,” a play written by Massachusetts native Christopher Lockheardt.

Produced by Theatre One Productions at Mitchell Memorial Club on Feb. 4, the play followed two people on their quest to journey to experience a total solar eclipse in Norway. Along the way, attendees were exposed to goals and frustrations of the two characters.

After the show, Lockheardt stuck around and asked the audience what they thought of the script, as it was the first time he, or anyone, had seen his piece of work performed live.

“I once heard a story about a friend of a friend of a friend who had the goal of spending an hour in the light of the corona,” said Lockheardt. “I thought ‘wow’, that's pretty cool.”

Lockheardt said that his inspirations for plays come from many different people he has encountered throughout his life.

“All of the monologues steal something from my life or from the lives of people I know,” he said. “Nobody is ever interesting enough to write a whole play about themself.”

40 of Lockheardt’s plays have been performed across the United States as well as Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong.

Jeff and Eileen Levesque played the two characters, Howard and Caitlin. The show was narrated by Linda Merritt.

The next new play produced by Theatre One will be “The Preacher,” written by Nancy Temple. It will debut at the Mitchell Memorial Club on Sunday, March 10, at 2 p.m.