Teddy bear picnic basketful of fun

Jun 6, 2024

MIDDLEBORO — Stuffed animals and their human pals stretched out on the lawn at Middleboro Town Hall to sing, eat and relax at the Teddy Bear Picnic.

The event, sponsored by the Friends of Middleboro Public Library and held Wednesday, June 5, gave children a chance to spend time with other kids and spend time outdoors on a sunny day.

“It’s wonderful,’’ said Amanda Meyer, Youth Services Librarian at Middleboro Public Library. “It’s just family fun. I love having a community event.’’

The picnic featured songs, stories, and, based on the treats seen on the blankets, plenty of Goldfish crackers.

Many of those at the picnic regularly attend the baby and toddler events at the library, Meyer said. 

All children were encouraged to bring a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Or they could “adopt’’ one for the event, since extras were provided by the library.

Teddy bear picnics are “so much fun,’’ said Mark Rothfuss, who brought along his six-month-old granddaughter Cora Walsh. “We like to support local libraries. Libraries are very important.’’

Samantha Salmeri attended with her son Maverick Salmeri, 17 months. This picnic, she said, presented a chance to “get him out of the house and around other children.’’

Sylvia Thornton, who was accompanied by her grandson Wesley Thornton, 4, is a big fan of Meyer, known to the children as “Miss Amanda.’’ 

“This is a nice thing they do, right on the Town Hall lawn.’’