Special delivery: Lakeville Fire helps baby born at home

Apr 6, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Annabelle Delisle was in such a hurry to see the world that she couldn’t wait for Lakeville Fire Department responders.

The baby was born about a minute before they arrived on the scene.

At 3 a.m. March 25, Ambulance 3 and Squad 3 responded to a call from a Lakeville home for a woman in active labor. The dispatcher stressed the urgency of the situation to responders, who were joined by Deputy Fire Chief Pam Garant.

When they reached the home, responders found that the town had just gained its newest resident.

Medics went to work caring for minutes-old Annabelle and her mother. Responders reported that the parents were rock solid and very calm, which department officials reported is helpful to everyone.

Mother and baby were then transported to the hospital, with extra personnel accompanying them as a precaution.

The Delisle family visited the Lakeville station Saturday, April 6 to thank the firefighters who came to the house that morning. The responding Lakeville Fire Department responders included Firefighters P.J. Machunski, Brock DuVarney and Dick Velez, along with Deputy Chief Garant.

Garant has helped in deliveries before but her less experience colleagues were “over the moon excited,’’ she said. 

For the department, Annabelle’s birth was a gift to more than just her family. “Firefighters bear witness to many heartbreaking and disheartening situations,’’ Fire Chief Michael O’Brien wrote on the department’s Facebook page reads. “The weight of the cumulative experiences can be overwhelming for even the most resilient responders.’’

“And then something like this happens…  We were grateful to be part of her exciting entrance into the world.’’

O’Brien thanked the Delisle Family for brightening the day. He said he is also proud of the work of the crew and the care they provided these patients, including one who is less than two weeks old. 

He also thanked the community. “It is only through your support that we can be ready on a moment’s notice for events like this one,’’ he said. “You all own a share of this and the many other outcomes we produce.’’

Annabelle was given the honorary position of Junior Fire Chief — or so it reads on the hat she wore during her visit.

But the experience may have actually delivered a new employee: Her dad revealed that he is interested in becoming an EMT.