Middle school wrestling fundraiser a slamming success in the ring and for school

Mar 11, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — The second edition of Middleboroughmania ended with a powerful slam from Nichols Middle School gym teacher Megan Enos to send the packed crowd in the Nichols gymnasium into a frenzy.

Enos’s slam, assisted by her tag team partners including Nichols custodian Garrett Perry, was the highlight of the three hours of in-ring action during the professional wrestling show fundraiser benefitting the middle school’s parent-teacher association.

“It was amazing,” an exhausted Enos said of her debut professional wrestling match. “I would definitely do it again.”

If there is a bigger takeaway from the night, it’s that the event raised over $11,000 after subtracting the cost of the production, according to the parent-teacher association.

Enos joined the Beastmasters tag team, made up of Perry and his tag team partner known as the Portuguese Power House. The Beastmasters are the current tag team champions in Top Rope Promotions, the promotion that partnered with the school to hold the fundraiser.

The Beastmasters walked toward the ring with menace, aided by a fog machine, a heavy metal remix of the Rolling Stones classic song “Paint It Black,” and black masks with chains draped around their necks.

Their three-on-three tag team opponents, a team called The Collective, tried to stall early in the match. Once Enos—performing under the ring name of the Powerful Physical Educator—pulled out a bag of dodgeballs with which she pelted her rivals, The Collective’s fate was sealed.

“It’s awesome wrestling in front of strangers,” said Perry, who performs using the ring name Powerful Pat Garrett. “To be able to do this in my hometown with my friend Megan and my tag partner Phil, tonight was better than we hoped it could be.”

Before the Beastmasters dominated the main event, School Resource Officer Scott Phillips made an appearance to serve some justice to a heel.

Elia Markopoulos beat Sigma using brass knuckles while the referee was distracted. Phillips rushed out to the ring, conducted a search on Markopoulos and found the brass knuckles.

Phillips handed the brass knuckles to Sigma who used them on Markopoulos, then Phillips and Sigma knocked Markopoulos down before Phillips “arrested” the heel.

Before the final two matches of the night, Nichols health teacher Ed Finch addressed the crowd to thank them for attending and to say the show was a big success.

As soon as Finch mentioned money, Big Donny Stacks entered the ring and said he attended Nichols before moving to a private school with “all the rich kids.” 

After flaunting his wealth and throwing dollar bills in Finch’s face, Finch flattened him in typical pro wrestling style.