Meet Mark Germain

Mar 19, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — Mark Germain is seeking his second term on the Select Board, where he currently serves as chair.

“I want to continue to do what I do every single Monday,’’ he said, noting the board’s weekly meeting schedule. 

Town leadership starts “at the top,’’ he said, and “I feel good about the leadership I give to the town. I take pride’’ in serving on Monday night. 

He said he spends about 15 to 20 hours a week preparing for the meeting and doing other behind the scenes work on town issues. “I like being part of negotiations,’’ he said. “I like being part of the solution.’’

Germain is “super proud’’ of securing about $931 in reimbursement to 57 students in the Middleboro High School Class of 2020 whose class trip was canceled due to Covid. Getting that money back involved “years’’ of work, including Zoom meetings and working with the state legislature.

Moving ahead, the town’s “number one issue’’ is the state mandate to enable a potential 1,500 more housing units to be constructed near the Middleboro T station. 

He said he is working on a compromise to solve the issue. Meetings have been scheduled with state officials to work out an agreement. “I’m hoping for a compromise of some kind,’’ he said. “I’m willing to discuss compromise.’’

On the issue of the Pierce Building, a historic building downtown that has been the subject of considerable controversy, Germain said Town Meeting should have the final say. “The will of the people’’ will decide the matter, he said.

The town will also have to take a close look at what he described as limited sewer capacity. “We need to do an upgrade,’’ he said. Negotiations with waste disposal contracts will also be on the horizon, he said.

His accomplishments include the hiring, with fellow board members, of “key positions,’’ including a new town manager and fire chief. He said he is proud to have negotiated contracts for both jobs.

He called the opportunity to call newly-selected Fire Chief Owen Thompson and offer him the job “a privilege,’’ noting that the call was “life-changing for him.’’ 

Germain, who has owned a small fuel business for 25 years, said he has personally helped people in a variety of situations, but prefers not to share details. 

“I believe true charity is anonymous,’’ he said. “I believe in good karma. I’m fortunate to be in the position to be able to help.’’ 

Germain said he brings a “reasonable demeanor’’ to the position. “I’m willing to listen to resolve any issue that comes to light using a common sense approach to solve them. I enjoy troubleshooting.’’

He offers “wide financial knowledge’’ but also the awareness that he doesn’t know everything. Nor does he have to, he said. 

“We have experts in town,’’ on specific subjects, he said. “That makes me a smarter person, realizing you’re not the smartest person’’ but are willing to listen and learn.