Lakeville gym hosts open house and local business showcase

Nov 18, 2023

LAKEVILLE – Many of the gym members at Millennium Fitness owned small businesses themselves, so owner Jason Caldas decided to host a local business showcase on Saturday, Nov. 18.

“We wanted to help [our members] promote their businesses, and also just get the community together,” Caldas said.

“It’s been a very good turnout. It’s our first year doing it, so hopefully every year we’ll build more and more.”

Lisa Costa attended the showcase to meet customers for her business, Under Pressure Massage Therapy in Raynham. The showcase had “a lot of foot traffic” and helped her promote her business, she said.

Millennium Fitness also had an open house celebration on the same date and time to introduce new members to the gym. Caldas said that the gym was a “one stop shop” for customers’ fitness and diet needs.

“We try to have pretty much everything,” Caldas said. In addition to providing gym equipment, the gym also sells smoothies and pre-made gluten free meals from Planit Eats.

At the open house celebration, children played on an inflated bouncy castle, a DJ played music and Caldas and his staff took a picture while cutting a ceremonial ribbon.

Lakeville State Representative Norman Orrall was present at the celebration and presented Caldas with a citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Business Manager Pam Dziura from the Cranberry Chamber of Commerce was also present at the event. 

Membership to Millennium Fitness costs $39.99 a month and is located at 155 Millennium Circle in Lakeville. Caldas explained that he found owning a gym to be rewarding because he can observe the fitness progress of his gym members.

“We have a lot of trainers on staff, so we really try to help people,” Caldas said. “That’s the most rewarding part, seeing everyone’s progress.”