Lakers boys tennis approaches season end undefeated

May 21, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Apponequet Boys Varsity tennis logged yet another win on the record on Monday, May 20 after beating Bourne High School 5-0. 

The Lakers are so far undefeated this season with a record of 17-0 as of Tuesday, May 21. Behind their success is a lot of physical and mental training, a healthy level of competitiveness and a strong dose of humility, said Lakers coach Nate Eleuterio.

“I tell them: Treat every team like they’re the best you’ve ever seen. Go into every game thinking this could be our last match, and I have to figure out how to win,” he said. 

Playing stronger teams has also really helped the team’s performance this year, the Lakers coach noted.

Another critical component of the team’s success is how players push each other, he said. “They’re super competitive with each other at practice.”

Eleuterio praised the team’s dynamic and noted that this group “is the full package of great players and really coachable kids. No one has an ego.” 

Humility has also been a part of their training plan. “I try to keep them as humble as possible,” said Eleuterio.