Audit is "going to be a lot of work", finance committee says

Jun 18, 2024

LAKEVILLE — While School and Town officials have approved an audit for the Freetown Lakeville school budget, the real work is just beginning. 

At its Tuesday, June 18 meeting, the Freetown Lakeville Regional Finance Subcommittee discussed a plan to figure out what the scope of the audit would be. 

The subcommittee, composed of members of the Select Board, school and finance committees from Freetown and Lakeville, was handed the responsibility of determining what would be analyzed in the audit by the School Committee last week. 

“One of the things we have to decide is what we’re looking for in the budget,” said Lakeville School Committee member Crystal Ng.

Select Board member Brian Day, who sits on the subcommittee, said that while he was glad the school committee delegated the task, “it’s going to be a lot of work.”

Lakeville’s Interim Town Administrator Robert Nunes suggested that the subcommittee meet with Freetown and Lakeville’s town accountants to help them figure out how to proceed. 

Day said that the town accountants could help the subcommittee narrow down what type of audit they’re looking for. 

The subcommittee concluded that this would be the next step and agreed to set up a meeting between school committee representatives and town accountants to address remaining questions before getting an auditing firm involved.