Rotary speaker shines light on solar energy

Jan 13, 2023

MIDDLEBORO — Solar energy had its moment in the sun as Middleboro Rotary welcomed Fred Paris of the Wind Sun Institute and owner of Plymouth Solar Energy at their Wednesday, Jan. 11 meeting at the Fireside Grill. 

Paris noted that the solar energy market is stimulated with government tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and new methods for non-profit and municipal entities to receive cash in place of tax credits they cannot use.

Roof-mounted panels are not the only way to capture the sun’s energy noted Paris. Solar trackers, mounted on backyard mounts and rotating to maximize sun exposure, are also an option for homeowners.

He also outlined the improvement in high-tech lithium storage batteries to power the home when utilities go down. With battery storage, homeowners can select the time of day or periods of peak household usage and have storage contribute to the home at that time. This allows consumers to store energy during the day and power their home at night.

As a technical business instructor, Paris has taught Strategic Business Planning at Northeastern University, Business Values and Renewable Energy sessions at Babson College, and private technical lessons for organizations across the United States. Paris holds bachelor of arts and master’s in business degrees. He designed and developed the solar energy curriculum at Massasoit Community College and is the owner of Plymouth Solar Energy.