Lakeville woman pleads guilty for involvement in lottery ticket scheme

Feb 10, 2024

LAKEVILLE — Carly Nunes, 24, of Lakeville has pleaded guilty for her role in a scheme to steal a winning lottery ticket and cash it in, Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz announced.

On Friday, Feb. 9, Nunes pleaded guilty in Brockton Superior Court to the charge of Presentation of a False Claim, according to a press release by the Plymouth District Attorney’s office. The Plymouth District Attorney’s office asked the judge to sentence Nunes to 1-2 years in prison. The judge, William Sullivan, ultimately sentenced Nunes to two years of probation and required her to attend drug counseling and to be screened for drugs

The scheme occurred when a man entered a store in Lakeville in January of 2023 and purchased some lottery tickets along with a bag of chips. Nunes printed the lottery tickets and charged the man $12 for his order, but when the man left the store, he forgot two lottery tickets.

Then, a second customer purchased lottery tickets at the store, and noticed that there were extra lottery tickets that had been printed. The second customer gave the extra lottery tickets to Nunes, who said that the tickets belonged to “him,” meaning the first customer, according to the press release.

Later in the evening that day, the number of one of the two lottery tickets was announced as the winning number for a prize of $3 million.

Two days later, a co-worker of Nunes drove her to the State Lottery headquarters. Nunes attempted to cash in the winning lottery ticket, which “was torn and appeared to be burned,” according to the press release.

Afterwards, Nunes and her co-worker, Joseph Reddem, were captured on video camera footage. Reddem allegedly attempted to extort Nunes to get the money from the lottery. Nunes allegedly told Reddem that she would “only pay him $200,000.”

Reddem has been charged with extortion and is scheduled to go to trial at a separate date in the future, the press release said.