Encouraging energy efficiency in Lakeville

Sep 24, 2023

LAKEVILLE – Community members lined up their cars in front of Apponequet High School to recycle their unwanted electronics and appliances during the Green Team recycle event on Sunday, Sept. 24. 

According to Maureen Flanagan, the District Director for the Office of Senator Michael Rodrigues, the event was a group effort to endorse recycling in the communities of Lakeville, Freetown and Rochester. 

Flanagan described the Green Team Recycle event as a “well-oiled machine.”

In one line, community members waited in their cars as Green Team members unloaded their appliances and electronics. In a separate line, representatives of Mass Saves collected unwanted dehumidifiers and offered rebates to be used for the purchase of a new dehumidifier. 

According to Richard Abromowicz of TRC Companies, Mass Save is an efficiency program that provides incentives for residents to energy efficiency upgrades.

The event was organized by Green Team Junk Removal, Eversource and the National Grid.

“With these events we are able to cut our rates drastically,” said Green Team Junk Removal General Manager Justin Moran.

Sen. Rodrigues and state representatives including 12th Bristol Representative Norman Orrall sponsored the recycling event.

“We want to be a society that is not only looking to get rid of things in terms of recycling things and reusing them but also educating people about new ways of energizing and supplying our homes with appliances that are energy efficient,” said Flanagan. 

According to Flanagan, although the Middleboro Gas and Electric company was not involved in the event, Middleboro Gas and Electric does offer similar recycling programs for Middleboro residents.

To learn more about recycling programs for Middleboro residents, visit the Middleboro Gas and Electric website at www.mged.com