Local Author Visits Smith Mills Preschool and Kindergarten

May 22, 2023

Smith Mills Preschool and Kindergarten had a very special guest reader visit the school last week. Margo Connolly-Masson, a local author and illustrator who recently had her first book published “ And Then …Glen”. She visited to share the process of how the book came to be. She shared her artwork and insight in how the story was created and then made into a book. She told the children she started putting sketches together on placemats and scrap paper. She also brought her portfolio and her original paintings. Margo’s son, Roger, came along with her. Roger was a past student at Smith Mills Preschool. Margo used her son as her model and many of the illustrations in the book are based on him. “And Then…Glen,” was written about an actual seagull they encountered at a local restaurant. Glen was swiping French fries and hamburger buns from a nearby table. The waitress said he was a regular there and had quite the personality. The story follows Glen the seagull around a city, visiting many familiar places like the downtown waterfront, The Baker, the YMCA, and others. A big take away of the book is Glen is not just a witty bird who some think is a nuisance but that he belongs in the city and the city belongs to everyone.
The children were very excited to meet an actual author and ask questions. When reading to the children the author, illustrator and parts of a book are discussed in class. This was a great learning experience to tie everything together for the children.  They enjoyed her visit.
If you are interested in supporting a local author, Margo said her book can be purchased through Amazon, at The Drawing Room, The Art Loft and Bushwood Tailors Opportunity Shop.