Have you seen them? Let us know!

Apr 18, 2024

The 2024 butterfly season is underway, and we couldn’t be more excited!  This year, the Massachusetts Butterfly Club is continuing to update its records to get a better idea of the overall health of the butterfly populations throughout the state.  Community input is a big part of the data that we may use for these records.  In an ongoing effort to involve the residents of communities throughout the state of Massachusetts in our excitement, we, down here on the south coast, are inviting YOU to share your sightings and (if any) photos with us! 

Don’t know what you have seen?  As always, we love to identify butterflies for anyone who emails a photo to us as well!  A great way to learn the butterflies is on one of our free, family friendly field trips which we hold throughout the spring and summer months.  To view our current schedule of field trips, click the link here - Butterfly Field Trips.  Note, butterfly field trips are subject to change due to weather and more may be added to the list so check back often!  

During these early months of the year, common sightings include the Spring Azure, various Elfins, various Hairstreaks, American Lady, Mourning Cloak and many more!  See photos below to help with identifying some that you may have seen in your area.  

Have a sighting you would like to report to us?  Please send an email to butterfliessouthcoast@gmail.com