Middleboro Elks celebrate patriotism with scholarships

Jul 8, 2024

The Middleboro Elks awarded $130,000 in scholarships to local students at its Flag Day service last month.

Recipients of the $13,000 Middleboro Elks Lodge scholarships included Paige Logan, Ava Morris, Abigail Ricker, Cecilia Segnatelli, Adam Wolfe, Jacob Merrill, Nora Moynihan, Amanda Cardin, Jack Kavaleski, and Courtney Sollis.

The Middleboro Elks also presented winners of their annual “Americanism” essay contest. The first, second and third place winners were fifth grader Kacey Bachoo, seventh grader John Farese, and eighth grader Linsey Rahwan.

The theme for next year’s “Americanism” contest, open to all kids in fifth through eighth grade is “What Does Patriotism Mean to Me”.